Our passion is
good food, fine wine
& great company.
Join the journey.

Our passion is
good food, fine wine
& great company.
Join the journey.

What Is The Banana Foodie?

Welcome to my website that encourages you to savor life! I am committed to sharing the passion that I have for amazing food, Great Wines and Spirits, and community involvement! I firmly believe in a life model that I call the “A.L.L principle”.

Simply put; Appreciate Learn and Love all of the things around you!

I began, in 2017, simply creating a Facebook page about my local adventures to non-chain restaurants, local wineries, and craft breweries. Each day added more followers and I continue to grow more and more. I have developed a loyal following to include sponsorships and advertisers. I also host a radio show that promotes my passion for life! My radio show is titled “Savor life” and the name is literal.
Savor each moment in life. Every meal you eat. Every glass of wine you drink. Every event that you attend!

My goal is to teach everyone how to understand that those little moments, in a fleeting world, can change your life. There are so many local places in YOUR community to explore. Avoid the chain places, if possible, and find the local restaurant, or winery, that will provide great service and great product.

Follow me on an amazing journey of creativity, insight, knowledge, community involvement and fun.
Live each day and do not be afraid to try something new!  “SAVOR LIFE”

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Who Is The Banana Foodie?

Meet Jay Miller, THE Banana Foodie….


Not sure when my passion really began for cooking and creating. I know that, as a child, I enjoyed creating dishes with family and, as a teen, I was tasked to cook meals on my own. To me, the real love for the kitchen began when I started my first career. After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, I began a 17 year career as an Animal Cruelty Investigator. A job that, by nature, had some very difficult and emotional days. Many nights I would arrive home, startled, at the tragic daily case load of reported animal abuse. What helped me relax? Life in the Kitchen! The Kitchen became my place of Zen. To spend time creating, sampling, envisioning and sharing foods that brought smiles and comfort to my family. I began to try new things and create dishes that were mostly successful. There were some dishes that, in my head and on paper, were amazing yet, the final product was…..”Who wants to order a pizza?”

As life moved forward, I found myself in a different career and, as my family had grown up, in a new place in my life. My passion for creating did not stop. I discovered that even in difficult financial times that quality meals created from basic items could still be achieved. I was fortunate to connect with some amazing people and develop a greater motivation to challenge myself to spread the word about the influence, and power of community involvement. Exploring new tastes, seeking new adventures, and savoring the elements of life that make us happy.

In 2017, I started a simple Facebook page to post about my local adventures. It included restaurant reviews, Wine tastings, and listing local events of the week. I invited a few friends, which became a few more, and more. Within a year, I created a loyal following whose numbers continue to grow. I currently host a radio show on thegoatfm.com and I have created many community events to help military Veterans prosper and Public school students succeed!

The Banana Foodie Blog

Soapbox “Etiquette, insight, and enlightenment!

This one is for the people in the food, arts, and entertainment industry that struggle with customer interactions on a daily basis. Amazing people that have committed their blood, sweat, and tears into an event, or performance, only to have their efforts destroyed by...

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Where Is The Banana Foodie?

In addition too my social and digital media presence, I also host a daytime radio show on The Goat FM. The show is titled “savor life” and is heard in Lake, Marion, and Alachua counties, with room for growth in other markets. I promote restaurants, wineries, breweries and community business and events. If you wish to become part of this amazing journey please contact me for advertising and sponsorship information. I would love to try your products and promote YOUR business!

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Our Sponsors and Supporters

Below are the businesses that support The Banana Foodie. When you check them out, tell them the The Banana Foodie sent you!
If you are interested in becoming a Partner please feel free to contact me!

FishHawk Spirits

Fish Hawk spirits is Marion Counties premier Whiskey Distillery. Located in West Marion County, Fish Hawk uses locally grown products and the clear waters of Rainbow Springs to craft a decadent selection of Whiskeys and spirits! Two recent awards were added to their long list of achievements regionally and nationally. Take the tour and sample some amazing products that will certainly please any palette!

Adam's Rib Co.

The Banana Foodie here to tell you about the amazing BBQ that Adam’s Rib Co. provides!  For over 13 years, they have provided the best BBQ with a family friendly approach!  Smoked chicken, succulent pork, brisket and of course, their award winning ribs!! Adam and Michele are committed, not only to amazing food and great customer service. They also have a commitment to their community as well! With two locations in Gainesville, visit Adams Rib Co, your hometown BBQ headquarters. 

Appleton Museum

Ocala’s Appleton Museum of Art is a world class art Museum with diverse exhibitions and interactive programs. The Inspired  Speakers Series has drawn some world renowned individuals! I will continue to support their programs and I ask that you also support the arts!
Get a Membership today!

Multiple Media Marketing

The experts at Multiple Media Marketing do a wonderful job partnering with businesses who are in search for any marketing services. From websites and SEO to graphics, photo and video, they truly have your best interest at heart. A big shout out to the “Triple M” Team who do a fabulous job!

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